Sneeky Peek…

Mirror badge design

Mirror badge design

Hi there!

The weather in London has been so lush hasn’t it?! I have been enjoying the weather as much as I can although I will be going to Hong Kong very soon! (I’m so excited!) Anyway I have been planning out what I need to do for the Kioskiosk stall in August, I thought I was only going to be doing it for 3 days. When I read the email properly this morning it’s for a week…so best get a move on with things. I’m going to be selling some mirror badges (the above design) and more things. So come down from the 18th to the 25th (yes that is a week!) to somewhere around Embankment and say hello to me if you’re around.


One response to “Sneeky Peek…

  1. severnyproductions

    I like the image. The way that the dark outline forms a strong image but the rest is done with a certain transparency

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