Kioskiosk stall




Don’t cha think the weather has been LOVELY!? Anyway, today I was a bit late going to the opening of KIOSKIOSK although I was late and got lost! I didn’t hang around for that long because there were a few press people chatting away and me looking slightly confused as to what was actually going on!!! The stall itself is pretty small enoough for one person I guess. I’l be sharing with someone else on those days so I hope we don’t have a fight over who gets what. I’m getting more and more excited about this now, i can’t wait!

I keep on bleeting about this but come n see me! (I’m not going to make a Facebook group out of it THAT’S just pushing it.)

So when??? 18th and 25th August.

Location: Next to City Hall London Bridge Station, SE1 2AA. You can’t miss it unless you’re like me useless with directions. And I had a map with me as well.

Duration: from 10am to 6pm or later.


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