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Wallpaper Graduate Directory 2010

Kept this one quite for a while but here it is! See here for the original link, now back to tea time.

Christmas cards!!

Buy them here folks and spread the Christmas goodness.

Creative Boom

My friend Tigz blogged about my work on Creative Boom. Go read it! (And thaaaanks!) x

Greetings Cards!


Yippee now you can buy two cards for only £4!! woop woopeee.

Also we’re moving to Harringey like next week so my website and shop may be down for a day or so.

My Monday’s Playlist


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Go go go here.

Screen shot of gia London’s new website :)

gia London

The new Gia London website will be up and running, in the mean time watch this space!! I designed some web graphics as part of my placement and looking forward to seeing it finally on the website, it was definitely good experience and I’m planning to do more stuff like this.

***** Update: They now have a Facebook page!!******

Heart time!

Job hunting and erm got a bit distracted. This is what I found when I was Flickring!! woop woop. Someone hearts my work ♥

Birdee bag


New bags coming soon…. and gocco printed too! I will update about the results as I bought some Dylon fabric paint today not too sure if it’ll work or not.

That’s Happy Blog featured some of my bird work. I’m happy.