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Jumble Monthly at Ladbroke Grove

Me and Emma had our own stall at Jumble Monthly, was a good day! I was eating loads of nice cakes and buying presents for people not to mention the music and the hula hoop lady (see picture)  🙂

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Shoe Gazer Blog

So my blog is looking pretty poor at the moment, well that’s because we moved about a week or so ago and i’ve been snowed under with unpacking stuff and i’ve also been working too. The stress of moving and crap took it’s toll on me and I was sooo frazzled out by the end of it!!! Oh and not to mention I had my graduation this Monday at the Barbican. Plus I’ve been busy doing craft stalls and other things….phew… got lots of illustrations to do, cards to print out, buy a new vacuum cleaner oh lots to do.

Thanks to Shoe Gazer (aka Claire) who blogged about my work! yippe yupppeee.

A Little Bazaar

A Little Bazaar

A Little Bazaar

The Book Club, Shoreditch ;p It was a good day.

Kiosk stall today, again! Also yesterday.



These were from yesterday, it was pretty quite and so I made some signs 🙂 and then some more…..I also drew a picture of myself with a big mouth and a pug dog, of course. To see more photos go to my Flickr page! I’ve got another two slots and then that’s it.

Today at Kioskiosk

Some photos of the Kioskiosk stall near London Bridge. I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s been a really good experience, even though I’ve sold a few things. I’m learning how to set it all up rather than putting everything in a big crappy pile! (as I did my first time round.) Also because it’s only been myself and out of uni there isn’t the worry of looking after other people’s goods and money, which I tend to freak out about. I’ve only ever done stalls for our exhibiton’s and it is completely different in terms of the people and the kind of things you are selling.

There was only one stall in the centre so it looked kinda weird and even some of the staff didn’t have a clue as to what was going on!!! The location of the stall is an important factor on the type of people that come here, there were LOADS of tourists who kept on asking me the directions to the Design museum which I got wrong and didn’t realise it.  It would have been better if there was a gigantic sign telling people it’s a shop and not a friggin tourist information centre!! People were shy to come in for some reason…I don’t look that scary! Even Oreos didn’t work today so I have it all to myself 🙂 I noticed that people were more prepared to buy small items of things than for example t-shirts, no friends and families to buy your things! And discounted/sale stuff also attracted people. Though I didn’t try to shouting/fruit market approach! it’s great to hear what the public think, i did get a few odd comments like some of my illustrations were a bit full on and were looking for more ‘generic’ things….

The next time I’m doing a stall, which I hope I will be in September :), I’ll do discounted stuff and not to make loads of expensive things which may put people off. Which is a shame really although again I guess it depends what it is. Anyway here is my sound advice for anybody who is thinking of doing market stalls, it’s worth it and it’s great fun remember to bring a book with you too!






Do forward this message onto friends, thanks!

Artkitchen: Chicken and Eggs Party

Chicken photos

chicken photos 2

chicken image 3

A super duper reminder, Artkitchen Art and Music night this Thursday from 4pm till late! Come come and have some fun eating eggs and being merry. See previous post for more details and where it is etc.

Join the Facebook event tooo!!!

Kioskiosk stall




Don’t cha think the weather has been LOVELY!? Anyway, today I was a bit late going to the opening of KIOSKIOSK although I was late and got lost! I didn’t hang around for that long because there were a few press people chatting away and me looking slightly confused as to what was actually going on!!! The stall itself is pretty small enoough for one person I guess. I’l be sharing with someone else on those days so I hope we don’t have a fight over who gets what. I’m getting more and more excited about this now, i can’t wait!

I keep on bleeting about this but come n see me! (I’m not going to make a Facebook group out of it THAT’S just pushing it.)

So when??? 18th and 25th August.

Location: Next to City Hall London Bridge Station, SE1 2AA. You can’t miss it unless you’re like me useless with directions. And I had a map with me as well.

Duration: from 10am to 6pm or later.

second year show


they’re all good, go and see the show if you’re around Harrow.xx