Excerpt from my Sketchbook Project 2011. More to follow.


Christmas Cards

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NEW Christmas Cards

Yaaaaay they’re here at last! A pack of 5 rather nice Crimbo cards comes with a gold shiny envelope. Very Christmassy indeed.
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Shop update


wooohhooo, been a busy bee this afternoon updating my shop and adding brand new banners to each section.

Go me.

The Mixtape Project

Polar Bear Christmas Card

More to follow folks!

Why renting is a pain

After reading an article over at Renter Girl blog I thought I should have an update about what’s been going on with our housing situation. It’s not like it’s personal and I’m pretty sure most people will have dealt with a bad landlord. The experience of renting (in London) has really let me down. I swear it’s some kind of curse following us around……… but it’s just this current one that’s BAD.

Since we’ve moved in to our flat nearly 9 months ago both the landlord and his son and daughter have really been playing with us by exercising their ‘landlord’ power on us. That whole ‘we can do what we like’ attitude such as letting themselves in without giving us 24 hours notice. Take this evening for instance, the landlords son text me to say he’s gonna post a letter through to say he’ll be round tomorrow evening. Fair enough. But by that he actually came up to see me which is still completely out of order and in breech of contract. No notice, nothing.

On several occasions they’ve been threatening and intimidating to both of us (also this evening. By the end I was in tears.) Just the way they talk to you can be extremely patronizing and all this legal talk he makes out as though the law  is on his side when really they’ve been abusing it (and probably with their other tenants too.) Oh and did I forget to mention  the ceiling in my studio was falling apart?! The flat is uninhabitable; plaster on the walls started to crumble,  the second fridge doesn’t work, my chair is missing a wheel which I requested and it’s not in the best condition…. the list goes on.

I can’t wait to get out of here that’s for sure, I’ve been stressed out most of the time and doing my artwork and working keeps my mind off things. I’m planning on moving to Hong Kong next year simply because I can no longer stand renting (I’ll have a big house to myself and rent free!!) I can’t  bear the thought of having to put up with incompetent, rude and arrogant people. I’m not saying all landlords are twats of course but for what it’s worth yeah definitely not worth the stress and hassle.

Spring/Summer Cards and Postcards

They’re finally here!

Newbie to Blogger

Head over to my brand new blog which is all about my shop(s) and new products. I’ve decided to keep my work and shop separate so the best step to take was setting up a new blog. You can also subscribe to my mailing list over there and receive monthly news, discounts and other exciting things.

I think I have already said this before but yes this will be my last post on this blog.